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Smaller Mist Sprays (for your magickal pleasure)

Smaller Mist Sprays (for your magickal pleasure)


I have made the mini sprays to help you and your magickal needs: 

Rose of Jerricho: 

Using Water of Jericho: 

  • You can sprinkle the Magic Water of the Rose of Jericho on your Doorstep to invite all blessings.
  • Toss it on your Door to enhance protection
  • Add it on Floor Wash or Sprinkle on your premises to bless your finances and make more money  
  • Use it as “Holy Water” to repel malevolent entities and reverse bad luck



Shut Up Mist: 

get people to zip it. Work with this spray when you have the need to cleanse a drama cycle and anyone involved, need to silence gossip and liars, do not want to hear the negative naysayers around you or want to stop idle chatter in the office or at home. Using this spray in any of these scenarios will help ease personal tension, worry and stress added on by the idiots you encounter. Also maybe you have no filter, have no fear you can use this on you too ;)


Road Opener Mist: 

Have you felt blocked to paths of opportunity? Do you feel like you try hard to succeed in life, but for some reason you just can't seem to get there? Road Opener Spray can be used for that and more! Freshen the scent of a space or room as you increase the mystical powers intended. Use before a ritual or meditation to clear the area; then spray to bring about the qualities needed from Road Opener Spray. We carry a variety of sprays from cleansing, repelling evil to drawing money and luck.

Use Road Opener Spray to:

  • Unblock path
  • Lay out the path before you
  • Clear obstacles
  • Open the road to a smooth journey
  • Open the way for success
  • Success in desires and needs
  • Keep pathway clean and uncluttered for success

Ways to use:

  • Freshen a room
  • Clear/Cleanse space before ritual
  • Clear/Cleanse space before meditation
  • Use when incense can not be burned
  • Release mystical powers for drawing and repelling


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