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 Letter from Magickal Lady Duchess ,

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to speak into your life. It is not easy to trust people so I appreciate the opportunity to service your concerns and needs.

Some Ground Rules for the Readings or Consults:

1. Be Open (Have a open mind)

2. Be prepared for the honest truth

3. Please take notes (Recording our Readings are not allowed)

4. Readings are DONE ON MY TIME ZONE (I'm in Texas)!

All readings are over the phone unless you have discussed this with Lady Duchess.

My Appointments are 15 minutes 20 minutes and 30 minutes 45 minutes and a hour slots, please note I move by the spirit sometimes they might be longer and at other times they may be shorter.

IF YOU ARE BOOKING A CONSULT or Love Consult please note they can go up to 30 minutes but if your message is shorter well its just shorter.

It is quite natural and normal for me to run late with appointments however I will give you that same time.

Please make sure you provide good contact information that receive text messages.

Please be in a quiet area

Please Understand also that there are no refunds at any time, the appointment can be rescheduled as needed but there are no refunds once payment has been rendered.

I look forward to helping you change your life.

Our Services

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