Religion and Spells

Your particular religious beliefs do not hinder the spell that will be cast on your behalf, unless you let them. If you are too bound up with false guilt to let the spells work for you, they probably won't. The spell I produce do not ask you to take on some other religion, just to let this work for you at this time by approaching it with an open mind and an open heart. In fact, I highly encourage you to continue whatever religion practice you believe in while doing your spell work.  Email

Love Witchery

Love spells and their origin cannot be easily traced to a particular place or culture or any tradition because it has been designed by many healers throughout the numerous centuries in many corners of the worl. This is the very reason why pinpointing the history of love spells has been quite a difficult task to accomplish. The relationships are wonderful tools. Whether you are seeking relationship clarity, wanting to reignite the light between you and your beloved or even if you want to break up a couple, spells can be used or modified to suit your spell crafting occasion. I do these case by case.

Healing Spells 

The Faery Healing Symbol ~ tell us that the symbol in the center is an ancient symbol for healing. One of the ways it can be used is simply by placing it in a room with someone who is ill and it will help draw the essence of healing. Of course, we can not guarantee any healing results and encourage you to seek treatment from a qualified medical professional.) In some of the traditions the rituals and practices followed during healing session were written down and that is why the requirement for the book was felt. In other traditions the rituals were never written about and that is why there was no requirement for the book at all.

Hexing Spells  

Let me first start off and say I do not believe in the threefold. I do believe however that if a person is harmed they have every right to defend themselves. With that being said if someone has cheated or harmed you, you have every right to defend yourself however you like. 

****** Criminal Cases as well ***** Case by Case *****

Baneful Magick Spells 

Yes I do Baneful Magick, I need to know the whole story. Baneful Magick Spells are for Seperation Spells. Divorce Spells and Leave Me Alone Spells .  baneful magic spell should only be use after all avenue of rectifying the situation have been exhausted. I take baneful magic very seriously and accept no responsibilities for the outcome. There is never any intention to cause bring hard to client or the target but the laws of the universe can apply therefore you are purchasing at your own risk. 

Money Spells 

Money Prosperity Spells and Oil. Maybe your need a Road Opener Spell. I can help you. I can do the spell with you for you its always your choice. 

Love Spells 

These are a joy to do and every case is a personal one to me. I do not accept all cases. I include a personal reading to see what the future might hold. Come to spells , find love spells I do them all. Case by Case