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Self Love and Care Kit

Self Love and Care Kit


Self Love and Care Kit is a collection of essential items designed to help individuals prioritize and nurture their own self-love and care.

Self-love is a crucial aspect of mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, as it encourages individuals to recognize their own worth and importance.

The kit includes a variety of tools such as incense, crystals, essential oils, and a journey towards self-love.

By incorporating these holistic and metaphysical tools into their daily routines, individuals can work towards nurturing their inner peace, boosting their self-confidence, and ultimately achieving a deeper sense of self-love and care. This kit is the perfect companion for anyone looking to cultivate a more loving and supportive relationship with themselves while delving into the power of metaphysical tools and practices.


The Kit includes 

Self Love Oil $40

Self Love Custom Candle $45

Self Love Soap $15

Self Love Wash $20 

Self Love Incense $12

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