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Sage: We Offer 13 Different Types 4-5 inches

Sage: We Offer 13 Different Types 4-5 inches


WE Offer Different Types of Sage

White Sage 

Blue Sage 

White Sage and Lavender 

Rose and White Sage (Limited Amount)

Cedar Sage 

Lavender Smudge Stick 

Desert Sage 


Black Sage 


Sage smudging is a powerful cleansing technique used by the indigenous people for thousands of years in order to remove negativity and invoke positive energy. Use our smudge sticks to cleanse a space, person, object or your own mind, body and spirit.

To use your smudge, begin by ensuring your space is well ventilated for effective cleansing. Place the sage bundle on a glass or ceramic surface and light one end of the herbs. An abalone shell may also be traditionally used. As the flame appears, put the herb out so it will smolder and smoke. You may cleanse yourself first by encircling the smoke around you. Use a feather or fan to direct the smoke to the areas or persons in need of cleansing.


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