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Pus*y Incense (Conjuring Sexual Energy) Exotic Charcoal Incense

Pus*y Incense (Conjuring Sexual Energy) Exotic Charcoal Incense


Handmade Incense Exotic Incense they will enhance any spell work or sexual ritual work. They embrace sensuality and more 


you get 6 for $10.00 


Incense: A Light for Improved Sexual Pleasure

Smells can attract or repel. For women, the power of smell can ignite or repel their sexual interests. And the smell of a candle or an incense can provide a powerful aphrodisiac to intensify a woman’s sexual interest. These smells too provide a subtle cure for women who experience

  • Low sex drive
  • Poor clitoris stimulation

The smell of incense can ignite a girl’s sexual interests, improve moisture and elevate clitoris stimulation.

Ignite Her With These Smells

Vanilla: Designed to enhance sexual stimulation for men and women, vanilla incense can increase her sexual desires. Stuck in a rut? Throw on some vanilla.
Peach: Ideal for snacking, peaches also stimulate a woman’s senses to help ease the worry of stress or anxiety. Women under duress cannot reach a climax. Thanks to peach incense, men can calm a woman’s mind to help a lady reach her peak.
Patchouli: Ask most sexual-health experts about patchouli and they will agree that the “horny” incense gives rise to a man and a woman’s sexual desires.
Musk: The smell of musk might be too strong for some men and women, but according to studies, musk incense can increase a woman’s desire for a man.

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