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Prosperity Soap

Prosperity Soap


Many Blessings to you all, 


All of my soaps and products are made with love and much care much consideration for all who are entrusting their safety energy and Body with me. 

Sensative Skin People Be Aware and Cautious Try out on small area of the skin I want you to be careful with anything that appilies to the skin. Yes my products are all natural however take care of your lovely skin first. 


Nourishing to skin with anti-aging properties,  oil is rich in Omega 3, 6 & Gamma-linolenic acid.

Fragrances Vary, and long-lasting with an especially creamy lather.

. We have to be quick mixing and pouring the soap mixture as it solidifies quickly. We use honey and castor oil to help the soap produce an especially creamy lather. This bar is designed to be long lasting. It is a splendid beauty bar for hands, body and face.


Gluten Free
None of our products or their individual ingredients have been tested on animals.
None of our products contains sodium laurel, lauryl or laureth sulphate.
All of our soaps are phosphate free.

Yes I add money to it..... Prosperity In Every use 🤑 money is a currency

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