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Professional Oracle Card Reader Course live Class 9/23

Professional Oracle Card Reader Course live Class 9/23


What you'll learn

  • How to build a deep relationship with spirit guides

  • How to interpret oracle card readings

  • 10 oracle card layouts for private readings & parties

  • Spiritual ethics

  • Buisness basics

  • Marketing your business

  • Prerequisite course review



  • Must take the Tarot Class by MLD Prior  be proficent in self oracle card reading...Must have 3 oracle card decks to complete course



This course is designed for anyone looking to develop a business as a professional oracle card reader or anyone who wants to learn how to perform oracle card readings on others and deepen their understanding of how to perform oracle card readings.


In this course, we will cover how to deepen your relationship with your spirit guides, spiritual ethics, the basics of starting a business, possible ways to market yourself and your business and several card layout options. There will not be any video lectures of me working with oracle cards in my hands in this course.



This course is more about developing your intuition and card interpreting skills and the fundamental techniques to expand your own unique card reading skills. 

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