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Dom Class April 2024 live and zoom recorded

Dom Class April 2024 live and zoom recorded



Because BDSM centers around s control, it’s important to set strict boundaries with your partner before engaging in BDSM activity to ensure you have their consent.

Choose toys to use during play prior to engaging in play, such as plugs, leashes, or tickling implements. Pick suitable toys alongside your sub.

Consider dressing and decorating your session space to match a particular theme, such as 18th-century s dungeon or futuristic s lair.

Be confident and empowered during your session. Adopt the domme persona by bossing your sub around, forbidding them to speak, or "punishing" them.

This class will be 2-3 hours long

Will go over rules


Strategy and More

You will sign a NDA and a Non Compete Clause

And you will not be able to share the contents of this video

You will also sign a release

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