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Men Healing Oil (Relationships Mental Clarity and Body)

Men Healing Oil (Relationships Mental Clarity and Body)


Men and Healing

Hear me out a lot of times we do not cater to how they truly feel. Most men if they are honest enough with you feel unseen and unheard unfelt they don’t serve a purpose but to be used in some kind of way.

They suffer from depression sadness and more, they suffer in silence and it shows up in different ways they act out.

The Healing Power of Vulnerability

Because we don’t see them as ever being vulnerable never really connecting to them do they ever heal. They are taught not to cry not to show emotions to bottle it in and just be with no tools are recovery.

The old-fashioned view of what it means to “be a man” is limiting and even harmful. With mindfulness, men can show up as their full selves—for themselves, their relationships, and their communities.

This oil promotes healing ❤️‍🩹 and understanding the softer side of a man this oil promotes true healing and men being seen maybe you need it for a man you can use it as a woman to heal that heart chakra as well.

Father Wounds

Husband Wounds

that traditional male attributes are things like toughness, emotional reserve, strength, power, and staunch individualism. This image of a “traditional man” feeds into once-clear-cut roles like winner and provider.

The phrase ‘boys will be boys’ is designed to make us think that boys are naturally more aggressive and competitive and less emotional, empathic

It’s not true tho, men need to feel safe as well. Men need to have safe spaces to, just be

This oil promotes that

Can be worn and used in rituals

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