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Kemet Intro Class

Kemet Intro Class


Kemetic science and Kemetic spirituality are one and the same. That is because your Ancestors understood that science is spirituality that is seen and spirituality is science that is unseen.

As our people left behind the ancient teachings in favor of western religions, we disconnected science and spirituality. We now think that studying spirituality is a matter of faith, while studying science is a matter of fact.


This Class will be taught also By Sensey 


1. Intro to Kemet 

2. The Nile Valley 

3. The Neteru (Dieties of Nature)

4. The Kemetic Tree of Life 

5. Opening the Way 

6. Heka 





The Ten Virtues:

1. Control of thought

2. Control of action

(Both principles equal Justice, which is the unswerving righteousness of thought and action.)

3. Steadfastness of purpose (which was equivalent to “Fortitude”. Fortitude meant such courage as would not allow adversity to turn us away from our goals).

4. Identity with a spiritual life or the higher ideals (which was equivalent to “Temperance”. Temperance meant gaining conquest of the passionate nature.)

5. Evidence of having a mission in life.

6. Evidence of a call to Spiritual Orders (which was equivalent to Prudence [wisdom], of deep insight that befitted the faculty of Seership).

7. Freedom from resentment, when under the experience of persecution and wrong.

8. Confidence in the power of the master (as Teacher/Mentor).

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

9. Confidence in one’s own ability to learn.

10. Readiness or preparedness of the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt.

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