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Hoodoo Oils Set All In 1/2 Ounce Draw Bottle (Complete Set)

Hoodoo Oils Set All In 1/2 Ounce Draw Bottle (Complete Set)


This Oil Kit Comes with all 9 and a Protection Stone

  • CAST OFF EVIL OIL This oil helps you rid yourself, your loved ones, and your home and spaces from the negative influences of false friends, and also helps you gain the personal strength to break free of bad personal habits, negative circumstances and harmful influences.
  • CROWN OF SUCCESS OIL To help you succeed and achieve recognition in school, career, or your magical work, there is no finer magical formula than the Crown of Success family. This traditional Oil is tried and true and helps crown you and uplift you in all endeavors that you might undertake.
  • HEALING OIL This is really a very fine oil to help aid in the relief of sickness, sorrow, and to help mend ongoing physical and emotional problems.
  • MASTER KEY OIL For ritual work intended to help grant or empower aptitude in a skill, personal discipline, will, or authority. This oil also helps one guide others and succeed with professions activities both magickal and mundane.
  • MONEY DRAWING OIL This is a very old, traditional Hoodoo Oil that has been used for ages. It is renowned amongst financiers, gamblers, shop owners, and common working folk for its ability to draw money to you through business and games of chance.
  • BLACK CAT OIL In European and European-American traditions black cats are considered unlucky. However in Hoodoo the black cat is a symbol of luck and strength helping in the sporting and gambling world. This old time, traditional Hoodoo oil is very popular with gamblers and people who play games of chance but it also is used to reverse bad luck and its vibrations work well for Witches and our general works.
  • FAST LUCK OIL This is one of the more famous Hoodoo formulas; it is used to draw luck in gambling, love, and commerce. But, above all that its great claim to fame is its speed. This is an oil to use when you need a magickal response in these areas in a hurry.
  • SPECIAL OIL NO. 20 A famous and very strong old Hoodoo formula, this is an all purpose Condition Oil used for dressing candles. It is also known as Wick Oil, Candle Oil, and Brown Oil. No seems to known the origin of the name of this oil anymore, but some of the old conjure workers say that it may have come from a Southern root-workers' recipe book, being the Doctor's 20th and most powerful formula.
  • VAN VAN OIL Perhaps the quintessential Hoodoo Oil. Conjure workers and historians tell that at one time in history a person could not walk down a street in the Algiers district of new orleans without smelling the scent of Van Van oil. Van Van is most favored of oils for dressing amulets, charms and mojo bags. It helps clear away negativity, changes bad luck to good and acts as a road opener to new opportunities and circumstances.
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