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Happy Birthday Box 2024

Happy Birthday Box 2024


Birthday Box 

Birthdays Are Magickal

Birthdays aren't just special occasions—they're sacred events! They celebrate life. It’s important on this special day to take time out of our everyday lives and acknowledge just how miraculous life is. Each cycle around the Sun brings us blessings and lessons.

includes cards (playing cards and tarot)

spells and birthday rituals 


Whether you’re fully out of the broom closet or need to be discreet with your practice, there are lots of subtle ways to turn your birthday into a magickal celebration.


The Kit and Mini Book Includes

Candle Magick and Intentions for the New Year 


Numbers for Luck and Wealth 


Your Birthday Saint and More 

How to make a Magickal Birthday Cake with Kitchen Magick and More

Special Gift From Me (It can be anything)


Each Kit Is Literary Custom Made 

  • No Refund or Return

    There are no Refunds or returns 

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