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Earth Earthing Element

Earth Earthing Element


Our Earth Elemental Oil (NEW Oil Alert)
is a powerful blend that can help you tap into rich earth energy. The element of earth is associated to a wide variety of material things such as money, employment, business opportunities, wealth, abundance and prosperity. However, it is also affiliated to inner wisdom, personal growth, strong foundations, fertility, family matters and stability. The element of earth is often used in rituals or spells that involve security, money and/or family issues. Of course, the element of earth is associate to the astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn. Earth Element Oil can be worn to bring out the qualities of the earth signs such as sensuality, stability, practicality, steadfastness and productivity. It's also great for the Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius to use to help ground and center them. Earth Elemental Oil can be worn by anyone seeking abundance, growth, sensuality, discipline, stability, endurance or simply want to feel a deeper connection to the earth. Made only with herbs associated to the earth such as vetivert, cypress, alfalfa, horsetail & patchouli, Earth Element Oil

Earth Elemental Oil can be worn, anointed on sacred objects or talismans, put into the bath or can be used as an overall wash for furniture and doors. One of my favorite methods of using Earth Element Oil is to simply mix some directly with Sea or Kosher salt. This can be placed anywhere in the home where either abundance or stability is needed. If you are feeling particularly unsettled or out of sorts, place this mixture under your bed at night for seven days.

When working candle spells or rituals, green and brown are the colors most often associated to the element of earth.

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