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Dolls Poppets and Magick  (Book IncludedClass)

Dolls Poppets and Magick (Book IncludedClass)


Poppet and Dolls

Doll babies or poppets can be made of different materials like wax, yarn, twine, sticks, clay, or cloth. With the main point being that it looks like a person.


The word "poppet" comes from Europe and is the older and original spelling of the word ‘puppet’. In Hoodoo the term "doll baby" is often used, but they are sometimes called a poppet when they are made of cloth.


A poppet or doll baby is meant to represent the person you are targeting through witchcraft. They are often filled with personal objects from your target, or picture of the person. In some spells the pictures are placed on the face of the doll to make it look like your target.


Poppets and dolls are not always used in negative witchcraft. Healing was the original use of a poppet. Other work is getting a target attracted to you, protection, healing, success, and also for curses and hexes

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