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Custom Oil (List in Description)

Custom Oil (List in Description)


List of my oils and what they do...

Prosperity Oil -this oil id for prosperity regardless of what it is, good for financial matters

Healing Oil - it is CBD infused for the outer body

Road Opener- it is good for removing blocks opening roads It is used for removing obstacles out of your way so you can achieve your goals and desires. It can be used in your root work, in rituals, and anointing.

Use this oil to help you find a job by rubbing it on the classified ads or learn how to budget your money by spreading on your money. Use the oil to remove the obstacle of negativity to become a happier you.

You can anoint your pencils if you writers block. You can anoint the doorways of your business to help it strive. Basically anything that is standing in the way of your goals or personal enlightenment can be removed by using this oil!

4) Master Key Oil- Oil improves everything opens doors, St. Peter loves this oil

5) Hoodoo Oil Kit ( there are nine hoodoo oils) search engine how to use

6) Rich Bitch Oil - created for Boss Business Dealings to be honest, Creativity Ideas and More> created to get checks

7) Casino Oil- When you playing slots cards and lotto tickets

8) Taurus Oil- Need to push things along and you have Taurus in your chart

9) Marriage Oil- doing work on the marriage and the relationship want marriage and commitment

10) Love and Domination Oil- this is not a love oil but a controlling oil

11) Cum Fuq Me Oil- welll llllllllllllll you already know but it will not work if he or she is just not that into you

12) Hexing Oil and the Other Hexing Oils- I sell several different ones look up in the search engine

13) Marie Laveau - Hoodoo Oil used to control situations

14) Rush Oil - when we are needing to create a quicker situation. THis works good with Expedite

15) Self Love Oil

16) Reversal Oil

17) Sugar Daddy Oil

18) Sugar Momma Oil

19) Fast Luck Oil

20) Chakra Oils I sale all 7 of them

21) Fuq U Oils

22) Le Doormat - To weaken someone's self confidence and self-esteem to the point they will let people walk all over them.

23) Make Misfortune - For fast bad luck.

24) (Stops Love) Don't Love Me - To make a person be perceived as unloveable to their significant other or any potential love interest.

25) A Dirty Gotdamn Shame - To foster bad opinions and disgust, to make people have a negative opinion about someone, instead of them always coming out smelling like a rose.

26) Unmasking and Outing - Some people can be the worst villain and pure sugar-coated evil, but it seems like no one can see this but you. Unmask what they are hiding and show the world who they really are.

27) Make Road Blocks Happen - The opposite of Blockbuster, to create obstacles and problems that weren't there, to prevent success.

28) Nothing But Gotdamn Trouble - You know how some people always seem to have everything handed to them? This is to make the exact opposite happen. Nothing but problems.

29) Infertility (No Babies) - The opposite of Fertility.

30) Unnatural Illness Non Healing Oil - Whereas my Ultimate Healing blend was carefully crafted for healing terminal or unnatural illness, this formula is designed to do the opposite, to create illness (real or imagined). Some people are hypochondriacs and always think there is something wrong with them or that they are ill. So, this can amplify those symptoms or create hypochondria, if not actual illness. (Which is very likely, because someone can think themselves to be ill to the point that they actually become ill.)

31) Un-Easy Life and Trash - Similar to Nothing But Trouble, this oil is designed to stop everything from going their way.

32) Miscommunication all the Way - To constantly have people misunderstand them or say the wrong thing to the wrong person in the worst possible way at the worst possible time.

33) Stir The Pot and Make Shit Stink- For trouble to not die down over time, to keep it resurfacing and discouraging peace.

34) Empty-Handed and Nothing in Return - Things always seem to come so easy to some people. Opportunity and success just falls into their hands. This is for making success and opportunity slip right through their fingers. So they never gain what they try to achieve no matter how hard they try.

35) Ugly- Dark Glow - Similar to A Dirty Shame, for not only someone's inner ugliness to show, but to also put a mirror in front of that person's face to make them see what they don't want to see.

36) Bankrupt and Homeless.- Not necessarily an oil that I altered from the traditional formula, but it fits with this collection and does what it says.

37) Unemployment and No Resource Oil - Not to make them lazy or not want to work, but for constant problems on the job, or for making it difficult for them to find a job.

38) Keep Law Away Oil

39) Pay Me My Got Damn Money Oil

40) Protection Oil

41) Tell the truth Oil

42) CHango Oil

43) Oshun

44) Grounding Oil

45) Cleo May Oil and Powder

46) Graveyard Dirt Oil

47) Snake Oil

Or make up your own oil tell me what you need it to do for you

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