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Business Talk Consultation and Guidance (125.00) a Week Literally

Business Talk Consultation and Guidance (125.00) a Week Literally


This is a 4 week Process (I had to Petition the Ancestors and Get permission Ion do nothing without the ok)

First Week: Brainstorming Assignment and Work to Declutter your mind remove blocks (Even Self Inflicted One's)

Second Week: Planning (Alignment and Removing Self Doubt) Recapping First week and goals

Third Week: Manifesting Process (Road Opener Work) Recapping on Goals from the second and First week

Fourth Week: Branding getting you aligned with people to network Labels, Logo's, Artwork Websites etc 
We also work on Marketing Strategies as well and do a follow up on the 1st 2nd 3rd

Please do not book if you are not ready for the work. The cost includes all the supplies you will need as well.

I am going to share my method of success with you and give you all my Magickal Tools.

How to make a part time business a Manifesting Full time 
How to make a dream of being an business owner to making it a reality

1. Homework Assignments and Due Dates 
2. Video Work is Required 
2. I will be your accountability partner as well

This work applies to any business any type

It also includes a initial reading as well to identify blocks and triggers

Some of yall are lazy and too gifted and you are the reason you broke. Your not happy at that job because you not suppose to be here 
The Universe made you uncomfortable so you will move


Candle Workings and Rituals are Included. 

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