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Air Elemental Oil

Air Elemental Oil


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The Element of Air

is a powerful energy to use during any type of spell or ritual work. Associated with the astrological signs of the Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, the Element of Air lends itself to all forms of movement, communication and flexibility. It can stimulate one's curiosity, playfulness and uninhibited thinking. In many cultures, Air is associated with one's breath and one's soul or spirit. It is a powerful energy to use with the Element of Earth, as it creates an ideal balance. For those of you who may be weighed down by an earthy sign such as the Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, Air Elemental Oil can help connect the body and mind. Air Elemental Oil can be worn by anyone seeking freedom of thought, better forms of communication, new ideas, information, and/or cooperation. It's a powerful element in any situation that requires mental stimulation or thinking outside the box. It's also associated with travel and good luck. Our Air Elemental Oil includes a variety of herbs associated with Air such as Lavender, Pine, Dandelion and Lemongrass.

Our Air Elemental Oil is a fantastic blend to wear when seeking clear thinking, safe travels, new beginnings or when attempting to move through difficult situations. It's also great to wear when communicating. Don't forget that it is a fantastic blend to use during rituals or spells that focus on creating new movement and/or opportunity. Air is often associated with the color yellow, but it can be used with any color candle. Get creative! To add dynamic energy to your ritual, burn some incense. If you have a feather, use it to move the air around your altar as a part of your ritual.

Of course Air Elemental Oil can be used in the bath. Feel free to wash your doors down with a bit in order to draw in better communication and harmonious movement within the home. You may even put some in a diffuser and allow the aroma to fill a particular room or the whole house.

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