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Succubus Set

Succubus Set


Introducing our Succubus Set, designed to assist women in embracing their inner power and harnessing their sexual energy for control and domination.

This kit includes carefully curated items to aid in channeling the darker side of feminine energy, including a ritual candle, black onyx crystal for protection, and an empowering succubus charm.

Whether you are seeking to explore your dominance and influence over others or simply seek to tap into your own sensual power, this set is the perfect companion for your journey.

Embrace the allure of the succubus and discover the depth of your own sexual energy with this empowering kit. Transform into the formidable and seductive force of the succubus and reclaim your power and control..


The Succubus Set is designed for individuals looking to enhance their confidence, create safe spaces, and harness their sexual energy in a positive and empowering way. This set includes a variety of metaphysical tools and crystals that are believed to promote self-assurance, boundary setting, and the manifestation of personal power.


Making it perfect for the workplace or any environment where you want to establish a sense of empowerment and security. Additionally, the set is tailored to help individuals tap into their sexual energy in a healthy and respectful manner, allowing them to exude a natural attraction and hold sway over others in a positive and consensual way.


Whether you are looking to enhance your presence in the workplace or simply want to feel more comfortable and confident in your interactions with others, the Succubus Set is a powerful and versatile tool for harnessing your innate personal power and sexual energy.


The Kit comes with 

Succubus Oil and Spells $45

Custom Made Candle $45

Soap $15

Succubus Cream $25

Mist $22

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