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Five Road Opener Blocks and Fears 04/06/2024

Five Road Opener Blocks and Fears 04/06/2024


Open Up Your Road With This Ritual and Class 

on April the 6th we will be having a live Ritual and Class in person and on Zoom. 

This Class will be in person you get to sit in and watch me teach you how to open your roads or you can watch it live

the address will be 4200 Gus Thomason Suite 107

Mesquite Texas 75150

This will be the first location in the Event Center and you will recieve goodies so pay for shipping cause either way you are going to get something.

This will be a interactive class and the first class I have taught live since 2022 .....


What it will include 

A wonderful Surprise 

If you are live you will get a cleansing as well (Physical One)

You dont want to miss this treat 


Your life should be an open road, with every possibility in front of you. If you have been feeling stuck or confined in your current situation, it may be time for you to remove the energies that are holding you in place. 


This will be a Elemental Road Opening Ritual and Class 





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