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Pomba Gira Oil

Pomba Gira Oil


Working with the Enchantress Pomba Gira

Pomba Gira (pronounced pohm-ba shira), is Brazilian female spirit found in the traditions of Umbanda, Quimbanda, and Candomblé. She is revered by initiates and noninitiates alike as she is quite easy to relate to. Her imagery in her many manifestations is related to urban or street life and the everyday animal instincts and desires of people (vices, lust, indulgences, etc). She is very human, with concerns of the flesh and material nature, and shares in our human weaknesses. Pomba Gira, as well as the many exus, are often considered amoral because they will fight the fight of justice and will destroy enemies without concern for morality and do so with complete and utter self-service in mind. This is one reason why she is considered dangerous to work with because she is called upon by people of varying moralities. The person who works with her can energize her dangerous nature or her helpful nature, depending on how she is petitioned.
​To work with Pomba Gira involves a ritual called a trabajo. This ritual is similar to the trabajo of the exus, with some specific differences. All trabajos, like any ritual, include a specific intent, a specific location (usually a female crossroads) and specific offerings. Some other magickal correspondences are as follows:
Food: honey, flour, palm oil
Drink: anisette or champagne
Color: red and black
Place: female crossroads
Scent:Red roses, cigarillos
Time: Midnight
Day: Monday or Friday
Container: metal or clay vase
Pomba Gira is often called the Sacred Whore. She was originally thought to be a Kongo deity unique to Brazil. Some say she is the wife of Exu and shares many of his characteristics. Some say she is a separate Orisha and a female path of Exu. She is a powerful protectress and is often called "the last chance". She will help you when you are desperate, down on your luck and no other Spirit will cooperate. She is very powerful and very dangerous. She always gets paid in advance and nonpayment will bring great suffering to those who cross her. She is always willing to sell you what you need for the right price positive or negative. She works fast and to the point so it's always a good idea to be very sure of what you ask for. 


also comes with a love spell money spell and a poison the hex spell 

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