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MLD Tarot Deck (Limited Amount on this Site)

MLD Tarot Deck (Limited Amount on this Site)

  • ▶---Tarot cards: 78 tarot cards, including 22 big arcanas and 56 small arcanas. 1x Manual .
  • ▶---Spiritual power:  Tarot cards are a way to express the idea of tarot cards, and it is also one of the tools for consulting and forecasting using tarot cards.
  • ▶---The best choice for beginners: the favorite of tarot card lovers and beginners. When you analyze the meaning of the card symbols and arrange and place the cards in a specific order, Tarot cards can be used for marriage, health, wealth prediction, channel and prediction
  • ▶---Fun games and gifts: Tarot cards can be used as gifts for your partner, the best family gathering game for you and your friends.

These cards also will come with a class to teach you how to read them!!

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