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MLD Holistic Smoking Blends (Promote Healthy Smoking) 8oz

MLD Holistic Smoking Blends (Promote Healthy Smoking) 8oz


I offer NOW SMokers BLEND!!!

6 Types all in 8 oz Tins for Freshness (all orders will offer Fonto Leaf and a Pre Roll

Im going to make this so Great and you will be addicted to the flavor and these blends


This blend seems to have a soothing effect on the spirit or energy body. It can be a helpful alternative to traditional smokes for people who use tobacco for its energetically protective properties. A smoking blend to promote a quiet, soothed spirit. It has a lovely smell as it burns.


It is very soothing and restorative if when you are feeling overwhelmed by other people's energy, negative vibes or are stressed.


1. Blends to Stop Smoking SO Much

2. Sleeping Blend (rest)

3. Weight Loss and Self Love Blend

4. Romance Blend

5. Cleansing and Remove Toxins Blend

6. Anxiety Blend


High Blend (this is a Legal High Blend) good for astral travel, opening third eye, and shamnic experiences (smoke with care)

all these can be added to your own smoking preferences


My Blends are all narural can be used with or without tobacco or sacred smoke 

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