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Men Prosperity Oil

Men Prosperity Oil


Manifesting Prosperity from a male energy masculine energy. This oil is based off the energy of the masculine dominated force …

The term masculine energy combines the words masculine, which refers to something that is related to men or males, and energy, which refers to power or a source of power. Masculine energy is often described as an invisible powerful force that is related to traits, such as ambition and logic, that have been stereotypically associated with men.

Men and Manipulation of energy

HORNED GOD (NEOPAGANISM) IS ASSOCIATED WITH NATURE, WILDERNESS, SEXUALITY, HUNTING, AND THE LIFE CYCLE. This is some of the energy used with this oil. Can be worn on the skin balls and beard.

Can be used in rituals and also in everyday life.

The user can manipulate the conceptual attributes, traits, and behaviors of masculinity/manhood and can manipulate the aspects they represent as well as all behaviors associated with manhood.

Masculine energy is a Superpower this oil taps into that.

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