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Men Get Out Of Trouble Oil

Men Get Out Of Trouble Oil


Men can face a variety of issues throughout their lives, including mental health issues, relationship conflict, and workplace challenges. Some of these issues include:

Mental health issues: Anxiety, depression, and addiction

Relationship conflict: Intimacy issues, domestic violence, and racism and discrimination

Workplace challenges: Pressures to conform and housing and financial insecurity

Other issues: Loneliness, sexual frustration, confusion over what is appropriate, and difficulties dealing with emotions

They also need help getting out of trouble with these things

Is he having issues with people, the law, his job

How is he in trouble. This oil is a tool to help control the situation and get him out.

Does he have a spirit on him as well as if he can’t catch a break

This is such a road opening oil for him

Can be used in rituals he can wear it in his beard skin and sensitive areas as well

Pulls strength of the tigers eye and a good protection oil for him as well

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