Learn how to master the art of wielding the 'Secret Fire' of the Alchemists, who were known as the Philosophers of Fire, which involves transmuting the base, Corpus Stone into the culmination of the famous 'Philosopher’s Stone'.

Alchemy is the natural process that nature takes to ensure conscious evolution, but it is not automatic and their are no guarantees for ascension, and that is why we must do the work

We will support the incredible theory of this ancient Alchemical process unique powerful meditations and Kundalini Yoga, because Kundalini Yoga is the Eastern Equivalent of Western Alchemy. We shall also introduce you to Yin Yoga, and Partner Yoga.

There are seven operations of Alchemy which must be undertaken, all operations include a unique meditation to go deep into the connection that is needed amplify process :

1. The Operation of Calcination - Learn  the sec