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Master The Ancient Art Of Alchemy: Inner Transformation Now! 9/2 LIVE

Master The Ancient Art Of Alchemy: Inner Transformation Now! 9/2 LIVE



Learn how to master the art of wielding the 'Secret Fire' of the Alchemists, who were known as the Philosophers of Fire, which involves transmuting the base, Corpus Stone into the culmination of the famous 'Philosopher’s Stone'.

Alchemy is the natural process that nature takes to ensure conscious evolution, but it is not automatic and their are no guarantees for ascension, and that is why we must do the work

We will support the incredible theory of this ancient Alchemical process unique powerful meditations and Kundalini Yoga, because Kundalini Yoga is the Eastern Equivalent of Western Alchemy. We shall also introduce you to Yin Yoga, and Partner Yoga.

There are seven operations of Alchemy which must be undertaken, all operations include a unique meditation to go deep into the connection that is needed amplify process :

1. The Operation of Calcination - Learn  the secrets of the fires of the Philosophers, especially the 'Secret Fire', which is essentially the Kundalini. Learn how fire is the initiation and driving force behind the entire Alchemical process, usually through an event in our lives which triggers a reaction. This process is supported with a powerful Kundalini Yoga kriya (set) to ignite the fire within you that is needed for this process.

2. The Operation of Dissolution - Here we immerse ourselves into element of Water, where we really allow ourselves to feel the emotion which is connected to preceding operation. This stage is supported with Yin Yoga, and immersion into the waters of the body, which takes a softer, more feminine approach.

3. The Operation of Separation - Here we take space from the intensity of the process. This is supported with a more silent meditation.

4. The Operation of Conjunction - Here we come back together for the famous 'Alchemical Wedding' of the Solar King and Lunar Queen, which represents the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces within us all. This stage is supported by Partner Yoga, so you would need to find a friend for this activity.

5. The Operation of Fermentation - This is an intense stage, which is crucial when brewing alcohol, and represents the 'Dark Night of the Soul'. Supported with Kundalini Yoga

6. The Operation of Distillation - Now we are really on our way with the Spiritual process of refinement. Supported with Kundalini Yoga to activate the third eye, Ajna Chakra, because the Western Alchemical process can be perfectly mapped onto the Eastern Chakra system.

7. The Operation of Coagulation - Here we finally arrive at the Illumination, or Enlightenment, which completes the process and represents the culmination of the Great Work, the 'Great Work'. Supported with Kundalini Yoga to reach infinity.

This stage represents the full transmutation of the lead of the ego, or lower self, into the gold of the conscious embodiment of the higher self, which is aligned with the Divine Realm..

Make no mistake, the journey you are about to embark on is the 'road less travelled' because it takes a certain sort of man, or woman of courage of heart in order to face up to one's shadow, and shine the light of loving awareness upon it.

The result is the complete liberation of the Soul from all past attachments of unacknowledged and unresolved disputes.

The Illumination of your mind and body awaits you on completion of this inner journey.

Be not afraid, for you are the light in the darkness, and please remember that the night is always darkest before the new dawn...

If you feel ready to transform yourself into your best version, then enroll now!...

Who this course is for:

  • This is for you, if you wish to unleash your hidden potential
  • This is for you if you wish to know the secrets of the Alchemists
  • This is for your if you have an interest in the deeper processes that are at work in Yoga
  • This is for you if you wish to go deeper with your meditation
  • This is for you if you are interested in the esoteric
  • This is for you if you wish to know the secrets of fire
  • This is for you if you wish to connect with the state of Enlightenment
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