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Cutting the Cord Spell and Working

Cutting the Cord Spell and Working


Black Walnut Bath ( Cutting the Cords)

9 Walnuts (The black walnut bath is a spiritual bath for cord cutting that uses 9 black walnuts. The properties of the black walnut assist in severing the ties that bind to end a relationship or any contact with another person)


1 Box of Kosher salt (Salt represents earth, so placing salt on your altar brings the element of earth to The salt will work its magick to absorb negativity, your magickal workings (By mixing salt and water, you can consecrate your ritual and magickal workings) The main difference between regular salt and kosher salt is that kosher salt has been blessed by a Jewish rabbi. It is used in the kosher process of drawing blood out of meat, in compliance with Jewish religious law. Kosher salt is large and flaky and can be used in magic to quickly draw out or absorb negativity (just as it absorbs blood from meat)!


Bay Leaves

In Magic, the bay leaf is used to attract good fortune, and is used in spells for good luck, wealth and love; as well as in rituals of purification and psychic perception.


Peppermint .

1. Put it in a sleep sachet to encourage prophetic dreams. Peppermint is known for its ability to enhance “third eye” awareness and peaceful sleep. Pairs nicely with chamomile or lavender in this us.

2. Dry it and keep it near your work space. Its association with prosperity and financial success make it an ideal herb for raising the vibrations wherever you do what you do to earn a living.

3. Put it in the cloth or bag you keep your tarot cards or runes in. Its cleansing properties keep the energy clear and fresh.

4. Hang over a sick bed. Peppermint speeds healing and drives off the negative vibes sickness can bring into the home.

5. Burn during funerary rites or at a grave site to help with grieving. Peppermint eases raw emotion.

6. Rub on temples to promote mental clarity. Whether you are facing a tough decision or you just need to clear your head after life’s little upheavals, the scent of peppermint helps cut through the noisy mental chaos.

7. Plant near the front door to protect the homestead. But I recommend planting it in a pot! Mint is invasive, and will quickly take over an herb garden. The good news is, it’s super easy to grow, even if you don’t have a green thumb.


Take 9 walnuts, box of salt bay leaves and peppermint for scent boil low for a hour and let completely cool strain and pour in tub

Read Psalms 23 and stir

Take it as a cool bath and air dry water has to be cool because cool cuts off

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