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Court Case and Victory Oil

Court Case and Victory Oil


Got a case need victory this is it 
Law Suits
Criminal Cases
Big and Small 
Disability Cases
Auto Accidents


Court Case oil is another fabulous conjure oil that can aid you in any court proceeding. It's often used to get the upper hand in the court room and allegedly can help you win your case. It is known to grant a desirable outcome for those who use it and is believed to encourage the judge to favor your case. It also has the ability to aid in you with your communication skills and can give your lawyer or legal team some leverage over it's competition. Court Case oil is a versatile blend. You can use it in any situation that involves a court hearing. You can even use it to aid someone else when used with an appropriate ritual. Made with Calendula, Sacred Bark, Little John, Poppy, Vetivert, Anise, Celadine,Master Root, Cinnamon and Solomon's Seal. Comes in a ½ Boston Round Bottle.


There are a number of ways you can use Court Case Oil. You can anoint it on your body prior to entering any court room or you can dab some on important documents and papers such as subpoenas, hearings, notices....etc. You can use it in the bath or put a little on a cotton ball and place it in your pocket when entering the courtroom. Anoint some on some Little John Root or on High John Root as a powerful talisman. Anoint your favorite good luck charm, place some on your altar or add some to a honey jar with the name of of the judge and your desired outcome.


If you wish to perform a some candle divination either get a dark blue or brown candle. Carve your name and the desire outcome into the candle with a needle. Anoint the candle with some court case oil pulling the oil up the candle towards the wick. Get an image of either Lady Justice (Santa Muerte) or the scales of Justice. If you are a fan of the Tarot, the Justice Card in the Major Arcana is also fabulous to use. Get a piece of parchment paper or velum (brown paper bag) and write your name, the name of the judge and the exact outcome you desire. Anoint your petition with some oil and than place your image directly on top of your petition. Place the candle in an appropriate candle holder and place it on a white plate. Put the plate over the image and your petition. Place the candle on the plate and visualize. When you feel ready, light the candle and say a prayer.


If you have been harmed and are innocent and have found yourself confronted with an array of legal issues, you may choose to use a Santa Muerte Candle. I suggest a brown, white or black one. A black Santa Muerte is particularly powerful when you have been a victim of a crime. If you are making a petition to Santa Muerte you may want to leave her an offering such as rum, baked goods such as cookies and cakes. She is also enjoys candy and any type of fresh flowers. Always place a fresh bowl of water out for her as well.

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