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Charles Porterfield Sex Magick Class 05/09/2020 Zoom

Charles Porterfield Sex Magick Class 05/09/2020 Zoom


From the Streets to the Sheets: Sexual magic and the Sporting Life in Hoodoo and Conjure Professor Porterfield will be parting the velvet curtains on the world of sexual workings and the life, times, and history of the sporting life.

The demi-monde world of the night, the other side of the street, sexual magic and the sporting life has played its part in hoodoo, conjure, and rootwork. The good Professor will take you into the underworld beliefs and secret practices of the nitty and gritty of sexual conjure and sporting life and show you its impact on the world of magic and spirituality.

From the prostitutes of the Bible, the working girls of Storyville and Memphis, the high-stakes bettors, the magnetic madams, the persuasive pimps, and the cagey corner dope dealers to the members of the oppressed lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender communities this class will startle your senses and thrill your heart.







This class will be given by Magickal Lady Duchess and Charles Porterfield, you will receive his Sporting Book as well. 


Be Open to Questions and this is a Rated R Class 

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