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Blood Magick with Hoodoo Sen Moise and Duchess

Blood Magick with Hoodoo Sen Moise and Duchess


We will be going over the different types of blood work in various types of traditions and compare them. We will also go over the do's and don'ts of blood magick. There will never be another class like this ....

This will be a zoom live class that will be recorded for future purposes. If you miss the class I will be offering it on my site to purchase.

This class is for the beginner and also the intermediate to the most advanced. We all think about it and nobody really teaches it ... we will explore the topic, there will also be a open question time so please have your questions ready.  The class will be held on 4/18 and this will be at least a 2 to 3 hour class 


We will break every 45 minutes as well. The class will start at 11am Central TIme 

  • Please Respect the time of the Teachers

    When you come in the Zoom room please mute your device and you must show your face. 

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