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Bank Set and Kit

Bank Set and Kit


Unlock the ancient power of prosperity with our Bank Set and Kit, designed for metaphysical practitioners seeking to manifest financial abundance.

This exclusive set includes a vial of sacred dirt collected from the grounds of a historic banks (all over the worls), known for its association with prosperity and wealth.

Utilize this potent ingredient to enhance your money spells and rituals, attracting greater financial opportunities and success.

With the addition of this bank dirt, your metaphysical practice will be elevated to new heights, infusing your wealth-focused intentions with amplified energy and strength. Elevate your manifestation game and unlock the secrets of financial abundance with our Bank Set and Kit.

Each item in this kit has been carefully selected to help you harness the power of the Earth's energy to attract wealth and success.

The dirt included in this kit is an essential component, as it represents the grounding and fertile energy needed to plant the seeds of prosperity in your life.

Incorporate these tools into your daily rituals and meditation practices to tap into the ancient wisdom of the Earth and manifest financial abundance.

The Kit Includes: 

Oil $55

Dirt $12 for 2 ounces 

Custom Candle $45

Soap $15

Cream $19

Wash $20

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