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Anger No More Oil

Anger No More Oil


Anger No More Oil (New Oil Alert) Forgiveness On Oneself
In a situation where there is fighting, anger, resentment, tension, or any type of uneasiness in a relationship, this oil can be used to ease discord between two parties. It is also particularly useful in romantic relationships. It also works great to negate trouble between friends, family, work colleagues, or any other relationship you can think of. A truly unique mixture, Anger Be Gone Oil helps cool the emotions by giving you calming and soothing support in any stressful situation. Herbs included in Anger Be Gone Oil are Violet, Rosemary, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Motherwort, Passion Flower and several other soothing, healing herbs, which work to achieve healing in a relationship. Anger Be Gone Oil 

There are many ways you can use this oil. You can put some on your body while you pray, dab some on your altar, place several drops in your bath, or use a diffuser while you meditate or journal. A very powerful divination method is to take a picture of someone you are upset with and place it onto an altar. Take a blue taper candle and put some Anger Be Gone Oil on it and put a few drops onto the picture as well. If you cannot get a picture of this person, write their name on an index card, light the candle and recite Psalm 130. Once you are finished, remove the blue candle and move it back and forth over the photo and say the words "I forgive you" three times.

This helped me with my family

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