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Ancestor Money

Ancestor Money

  • QUALITY - It’s printed in vivid colors.
  • - APPEARANCE - Each piece is with face value of 10 quadrillion yen. It’s printed to resemble traditional currency of “road pass” and featured with image of Jade Emperor.
  • - ANCESTOR WORSHIP – Theses are traditional "Heaven Bank Notes" that are usually burnt as offerings to ancestors or the deceased. It is appropriate for funerals, ancestors ’ birthdays, Qingming Festival, Halloween or whenever you think of your ancestors and the loved ones that have passed away. You may put the notes on altar as sacrifice. They are burned as ancestor worship to request for blessings of all good things such as health, fortune, money, good luck, prosperity in business etc.
  • - OTHER APPLICATION – The notes can also be used as movie prop money, game money, play money or prank money.
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