After the Spell Work

Casting Spells

There are five things required for casting a successful spell, and none of them have to do with incantations, rituals, or magical tools.


First, you must feel very strongly about bringing about the desired outcome. If you’re just thinking, “Well, I guess I should cast this spell,” then it’s probably not going to work. The more strongly you feel, the more likely it is that you will see good results.


Second, you must believe in magic, and you must believe that casting the spell will help you to achieve what you desire. If you don’t believe in magic, then again, it’s probably not going to work.


Third, you must remain focused. If the intent of the spellcaster is key, then all of that intent needs to be focused on one thing. Try to only cast one spell at a time, and to focus on just one thing during the casting.


 Fourth, once you’ve cast the spell, don’t just sit around waiting for it to work. Yes, you’ve directed magical energy toward bringing you what you want, but give it a helping hand. If you’ve cast a spell because you want to find a job, you still need to be applying for jobs instead of expecting a job to just fall into your lap.


And finally, don’t obsess about the spell. Don’t sit there worrying about whether it’s going to work. Cast the spell, and then let it go - trust in the magic to work. It may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for you to see the effects of your spell. If after four weeks you haven’t seen any results, then maybe your spell wording was too vague, or you were not focused enough. Or maybe the spell has worked, but not in the way that you were expecting.