I am Lady Duchess, I am Magickal and I am light. I am worker and transmitter of energy. Living with the powers and tides of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. I have been around Witchcraft and Voodoo my whole life. The Craft saved my life. It gave me meaning and a since of purpose. My goal is to change the way that Witch's, Spiritual Workers even Voodoo/Hoodoo is seen in the Universe. I am energy and energy can be positive and negative. I walk with pride and confidence. You should as well. My goal is to teach reach and guide those who have the desire to follow the path. It can be a lonely one but you can make it your own. Ashe 

Fascination With Witchcraft And Magick Since Childhood

While the other children played with Barbies, you were more drawn to fairies, wizards and stories about lands of enchantment. Nature and animals gave you more joy and solace than TV or video games. Halloween was undoubtedly your favorite holiday.

Many witches say they used to try to convince their friends and siblings to "play witches" with them. 
Or would try to find gnomes or elves in the backyard garden - occasionally with great success!

From a young age many witches are naturally drawn to the spiritual and paranormal - frequently having encounters with ghosts, ancestral spirits and entities from other realms. 

This inner-knowing and calling to witchcraft is always a sure sign of a true born witch.

Feeling Like An Outsider Most Of Your Life

Feeling like you were born into the wrong family, the wrong town or even the wrong time period? 
Do you have a hard time connecting with your peers? 
Do you have a hard time connecting with even those you consider your friends?

Did you suffer from depression during your adolescence, escaping into nature and/or solitude to ease the soul?

Ancestral Linkage To Magickal Mothers/Grandmothers, Witches, Druids Or Wise Women

I will make this bold, very controversial statement:


Does this mean you cannot become a witch unless your ancestors are witches? Absolutely not!

I am simply saying that if you are interested in witchcraft, more than likely, a woman in your ancestral background was a practitioner in one form or another. Whether she accepted the 'Witch' label or not is irrelevant.

Perhaps your grandmother had a special, whimsical knack in the garden? Maybe she secretly studied the stars and astrology? If she was religious, perhaps her prayers were partially mental spells. 

If you have had a lifelong interest in witchcraft, I highly recommend pondering your heritage with an open mind. The deck of playing cards your Aunt Francis always had on her coffee table may very well have been used for fortune telling...